Why Amiccio?

Off the Apps!
If you are looking for in person connections instead of staring at a phone all day, our events are the place to be. No swiping, ghosting, flaking, conversations going nowhere. We start with the in person date. Get the immediate feedback on chemistry and compatibility that you can only gauge when meeting face to face.
Audience Quality
When you decide to go to an event, you want to know what kind of people will be there. Anyone can claim on a website that they have sociable, cool attendees, but see for yourself on our events page and on Instagram, videos of our past events. We have a young and modern audience of attendees compared to the legacy companies in New York that have no social media presence and are managed like we are still in 2000!
Gender Balance
When you go to a structured event like speed dating, you expect to have roughly an even balance of each gender. While it can't always be perfect, it should be relatively close. We use all our avenues of messaging the day before an event to ensure that we end up having less than 3 extra men or women. Some of our competitors do this well, which we applaud them for, but others are absolutely abysmal. If you do your research on reddit (notorious post in r/redscarepod) and social media, you will quickly find out which are legit.
Transparency & Pricing
New York City is already expensive. You want to know what you are getting into, so we provide numerous videos on our website and Instagram. We also keep prices at a reasonable level. If we provide a super high end service we could probably charge $100+, but when it comes to dating, more money spent is not always a guarantee of better chemistry and prospects. So we prefer to be direct about what we are offering, what you can expect at our events, and keep things reasonably priced for the majority of successful single professionals.
We host events every week, and can guarantee a turnout of 20-40 people per event. This consistency is important to providing a reliable service of singles events. Ideally we would be able to host multiple times per week or even every day, but we are not there yet! We began in 2021, so still in the process of learning about what our audience really wants!
Variety & Innovation
A benefit to participating in our events is that we provide both dating and social events like organic mixers and beginners dance classes! We like to experiment to see what types of events are both valuable to our audience and repeatable for us. Since we actually began as a spontaneous events app, not in the dating space, we are very open minded about our long term goals for providing a comprehensive and reliable resource for singles in New York City!