Frequently Asked Questions
How often do you do speed dating events?
We host events every week! They are usually on Tuesdays, with a few exceptions and occasional breaks depending on holidays and one off event scheduling.
What age range are the attendees at your events and how strict are you?
We currently focus on events for young professionals in their 20s and 30s, and occasionally do events for singles in their 30s and 40s! While we do not check IDs to strictly enforce age, we rely on our attendees to realize that anything more than a couple years outside of the listed range for respective events is not suitable for your dating results or other attendees.
How many people usually show up?
We make sure that at each speed dating or singles event, there are at minimum 20 attendees, and that gender ratios are balanced or very close. On average there will be 30-40 attendees. On slow nights there might be 20, on busy nights there might be 50!
What if there are too many women or too many men?
We always keep the balance between men and women roughly even, and it is basically always plus or minus 3. There is no perfect guarantee because even if someone buys a ticket, it does not mean necessarily they will show up for sure. We also leverage our various avenues of communication to advertise if there are extra spots for men or women. This includes Instagram stories and newsletters the day before an event.
What kind of people will I meet?
You will meet young single professionals predominantly in their 20s and 30s, from various career paths. We have a wide variety of attendees from people in finance and tech, to the more creative fields such as musicians, journalists, and startup founders. You will just have to come see for yourself!
Is speed dating a thing anymore?
Speed dating trended hottest in the 2000s, until Tinder started the dating app revolution among younger generations in 2012. Speed dating in New York has always seen moderate consistent demand in past decade, with a low point during the Covid pandemic, and a strong bounce back due to the desire to foster in person connections. While dating apps are still very popular, cultural trends are gradually shifting back to more in-person ways of meeting romantic prospects!
How safe is speed dating?
We host events in public venues in the same vicinity of bar staff, event hosts, and 30-40 attenndees, so there is very little chance of overtly bad behavior at an event. In contrast when you meet someone from a dating app, you are in an unorganized often more private situation, with fewer social safety nets.
Can I come to a speed dating event by myself?
Yes! Roughly 60% of guys and 50% of girls come alone. Attendees often make friends at the event as well as meeting potential dates.
How long do your new york speed dating events last?
All in all, the entire event usually lasts about two hours. This includes 10-20 minutes of initial arrival and socializing, roughly an hour of speed dating rounds, and depending on the night, anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours of socializing afterwards. Sometimes people just want to go home, while other times many people stay to continue to talk to their dates and continue the night!
At what time should I arrive?
We suggest arriving on time, at the listed time. We usually began the event 10-20 minutes after the listed time, so if you arrive later than that, you will miss out on dating rounds, and it will also be harder to fit you into the flow. Also, often times the beginning is a great way to make a great first impression on someone for the night.
What if I can't make it to an event?
We offer ticket transfers to future events if you let us know 2 days in advance. This is to ensure we have enough time to properly manage gender balance. We do not issue refunds unless we cancel an event. For last minute emergencies, we may decide to give 50% off a future event on a case by case basis. Imagine how hard it would be to host an enjoyable event if a random 40% of people who sign up flake last minute.
Do you offer LGBTQ Speed Dating?
Not at the moment! Right now we believe that there are other more niche speed dating and singles events services in NYC that do a better job in serving the LGBTQ community. We will update our website if this changes.
What can I do to get better and more matches at speed dating events?
Dress well and be open minded. Do not be too pushy. Confidence and being engaging is attractive. Arrive early and stay late to socialize organically.
Can I bring friends and is there a referral program?
Yes to both! Many people bring friends. We also offer a referral program to attendees - earn $5 for every friend you refer, no limit! Sign up to an event to receive referral program instructions - we currently only offer this to existing attendees